Photizo Vetcare is designed to treat domestic animals, large livestock and horses. It relieves pain, stimulates cells to repair and heal, reduces swelling and inflammation, and stimulates the immune system in acute traumatic conditions.

Photizo Vetcare is especially effective in treating chronic pain and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritic conditions and overuse injuries in animals.
Delivered by Caball Therapy Systems

Photizo Vetcare

Photizo Vetcare a Handheld Light Therapy Unit

Harness the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies proven to be effective in accelerating natural healing of the body, reducing swelling and inflammation, stimulating the immune system and relieving pain with this easy to use handheld unit.


  • A hand-held, rechargeable, LED light therapy device that utilizes both red and infrared light in a precise measured dose for highly effective treatment in all types of animals

  • Convenient, safe, and simple enough for anyone to use effectively

  • Cells that are injured can be rejuvenated by light. Light has a broad treatment application

  • Wounds and other injuries can heal faster and chronic conditions can be managed without the overuse of pain and anti-inflammatory medication

  • Designed to treat domestic animals, large livestock and horses

  • Can relieve pain

  • Stimulates cells to repair and heal

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Helps arthritic conditions and overuse injuries in animals

  • 30 second, pre-programmed treatment

  • Treatment is soothing and enjoyable for animals of all shapes and sizes

  • LED Red (635 nm) and Infrared (850 nm)

Top 10 treatments.

Arthritis - Pain from hip dysplasia
Muscle soreness Wounds / tears
Ligament / tendon injuries
Muscle injuries Postoperative treatments
Neck and back pain Sprains and strains
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