PhotonicLights NECK FLEX

LED light therapy for neck pain and comfort. Our PhotonicLight NECKFLEX light therapy system uses red and near-infrared light to provide quick relief of neck pain, stiffness and muscle spasms. This comfortable and soft neck module is with high quality foam and provides comfortable relief for the area needed. Unlike a heating pad, red and near-infrared light therapy work by stimulating the body's own pain relieving and acting in depth in the soft tissues as well as stimulating cells and increasing circulation for precise targeted pain relief. The market's first NECK FLEX treatment.

The light therapy system PhotionicLight NECK FLEX, relieving pain, let the muscles relax, relief of minor muscle and joint pain and increase of local blood circulation. This super soft neck pillow provides comfortable and quick pain relief for the areas needed. Red and near-infrared light therapy penetrates deep into joints and the soft tissues for powerful, drug-free relief.

Features and benefits of PhotonicLights NECK FLEX

Durable, comfortable and movable, with high density LED
Perfect when driving, traveling by plane, in the office or just when you need relief
Medical grade LED
Deep penetrating relief for joints and soft tissues
Relieves pain and stiffness
Increases blood circulation
Accelerates healing, repair of tissues and relaxes muscles
Improves recovery after training or injury
Safe to use on all skin tones

PhotonicLights NECK FLEX

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€416.70Sale Price
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  • Technical information

    160 LED
    660nm red, 850nm near-infrared

    100 mW/cm2
    Pulsating effect
    50.000 hours LED life
    1 year warranty from date of purchase.

  • PhotonicLight - Neck Flex comes with

    PhotonicLight NECK FLEX comes with:
    Remote control with battery
    PhotonicLight power bank
    USB adapter cable
    Power cable
    1 year warranty
    Quick start guide