PhotonicLights P-Pen RED

PhotonicLights P-Pen is equipped with red light with a focused beam, which is excellent for pain relief and increasing circulation in any area of ​​the body which need care.

PhotonicLights P-Pen is also recommended to use in preparation for a light therapy treatment, such as whole body treatments, pad systems and handheld devices such as Photizo LED light therapy from Caball Therapy Systems.


The PhotonicLights P-Pen is the first and only Photopuncture pen, which comes with a focused beam and with the accessory ULTRA FOCUS. ULTRA FOCUS provides an even higher effect of the beam, but also perfect for areas such as sinuses, ear canals and punctures, as well as in smaller areas and small animals.


The only Photopuncture pen in the market with both FOCUS and ULTRA FOCUS, unlike other products for a larger treatment area, which are not designed for targeted photopuncture. As well as the only photopuncture pen with 3 different treatment intensity levels, MEDIUM, HIGH and PULSATING. The advantage of 3 treatment intensity levels is to provide an intensity level, which fit individuals needing longer habituation when starting with photopuncture.

PhotonicLights Photopuncture Pen- RED

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  • PhotonicLights P-Pen RED comes with:

    PhotonicLight P-Pen RED, comes with:
    CLT Photopunture Basic Course
    3 x Photopoint scheme
    Battery charger with USB connector
    Ultra Focus probe
    Storage bag

  • Technical information

    Technical information
    650nm red
    180 mW/cm2 with Ultra Focus probe
    3 power levels, medium, maximum and pulsating
    50.000 hours LED life
    Rechargeable Nimh battery

    Battery charger
    1 year warranty from purchase date.