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When I started working with photobiomodulation (PBM Therapy) over  20 years ago, and saw the impact it was having on animals and people, my primary goal became to have a Photiobiomodulation device in every household,
and department in every hospital, every doctor's office and every clinic.

Drug-free pain relief and better healing through the knowledge and science behind photomedicine, with high-density products and services."

 - Anita Nordum CEO - Caball Therapy Systems

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Photonic Light legLIGHT the only equine boots on the market, which is designed with the most recognised and proven red and near infrared wavelengths, 320 LED.

And modulated with frequency therapy, specialised for tendons, ligaments and circulatory conditions.  Four different programs, which can be controlled using the included remote control, or on the control panel. 


16 different protocols, which can be controlled through the included remote control, or on the control panel.

relieves pain and rigidity, increases blood circulation, speeds up healing, repairs tissues and relaxes muscles, enhances recovery after exercise or injury. Therapeutic Light Therapy for Pain Management.

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Say Bye To Pain

The Photizo Pain Relief device is here to help.
It’s designed to treat any chronic pain caused by an underlying health condition, including back pain, neck pain, inflammation, swelling or arthritis. For you, it’s all about getting relief from the pain of long-term medical conditions that probably won’t heal or repair.


Photizo Pain Relief utilizes the healing effect of red and near infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies for faster healing by activating the body's own pain-relieving and attenuating medication.

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Match the right device to you.

As a successful distributor of PhotoBiModulation and light therapy, with resellers  in a wide range of industries, we have seen the importance of matching the right light therapy device for different needs. If you have problems or conditions in places it's hard to reach with a handheld device, our Photonic Lights highPADs can be the best choice for you. But if you prefer short, effective and quick treatment doses, the Photizo Light therapy will be a good choice.

Our vision has always been that it should be a Photiobiomodulation unit in every house and in every department of every hospital, every medical office and every clinic.


 Drug-free, pain relief and improved healing quality through Led photomedicine with high density products and services.

If you have a particular problem or injury, contact us and our certified specialists.
We can help you find the product best suited to your needs.

Call us today, and let us help you

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Take Control Over Your  Recovery Time

One of the main mechanisms by which light therapy works is the release of nitric oxide (NO). A natural chemical found in the body, nitric oxide is a key signalling molecule that can trigger a number of benefits.
Specifically, it plays a key role in promoting blood flow to tissues and increasing lymphatic drainage. Thanks to increased lymphatic drainage, light therapy indirectly inhibits inflammation processes and thus reduces swelling. Red and infrared light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that boosts the body's own healing mechanisms through molecular signaling and circulatory modulation, which reduces both acute

and non-chronic pain associated with running-related injuries. Once the LED light has increased the cell’s energy production, each cell within the treated area begins producing new cells to replace the cells of the injured tissue.

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Photizo Homecare  Specifications

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Long Hour Battery Life

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Quality LED

Osram quality LEDs to be sure to provide the best possible light therapy.

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Medical Grade

LED technology with the most efficient use of energy, highest quality of light delivered for broad coverage

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Cooling System

Each Photizo have there own cooling system.

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633nm / 850nm

Photizo uses the most effective and proven wavelengths, in the red and near infrared spectrum

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Photizo  Homecare have high effective lights with  peak output of 330mW/cm2 

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Photopuncture is the acupuncture in which light is used rather than needles. PhotonicLight P-Pen is a light therapy device, with a targeted beam for specifically activating energy points along acupuncture meridians.

The photopuncture is carried out by applying the red light directly on the point for 15-60 seconds per point, depending on the power of the device.
This activates the acupuncture point within a very short time, improving circulation, boosting cells, reducing pain and inflammation.


Photonic Lights P-Pen is a great tool to use in preparation for another light therapy treatment, like whole body treatments,
pad systems and handheld devices like Photizo LED Light Therapy from Caball Therapy Systems.

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Photobiomodulation (PBM) is the term used to describe the mechanics/scientific basis for this photonic specialty and photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) as the term for its therapeutic application. PBMT was first developed in the 1960s. During the early years, this emerging photonic application was plagued by several problems including inconsistent terminology.
Many terms were introduced such as Biostimulation, Cold/Cool Laser, Low-Level laser therapy, Soft Laser, and Low Power Laser Therapy. Based on recent consensus in the field, PBM and PBMT now consider the terms of choice.  In 2015 thanks to the efforts of Dr. Praveen Arany, PBMT was added to the National Library of Medicine MeSH database as an entry term to the existing record of laser therapy, low-level. In summary, PBM and PBMT are accurate and specific terms of this effective and important therapeutic application of light. 

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Neck Pain and Discomfort targeting

PBM  has been shown to have a significant effect on pain reduction in people suffering from neck pain. Photoacceptors in the body absorb the emitted light when applied in direct contact with the body. The absorbed light stimulates the production of intracellular energy via oxidative phosphorylation in the electron transport chain.
Applying light can be part of a larger treatment program. Optimal results are primarily dependent on the dose of light applied to the area.
The treatment time for pain tends to be longer and with higher doses than those used to reduce inflammation. It is also important to note that the goals for treating pain are different, the primary goals being nerves, nerve roots, trunks and branches.
The Photonic LIghts neckFLEX are modulated with  with frequency therapy, to improve, circulation and stress relief.
Buy yours today here:

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Body pro med P-pen

Product Support


Become a reseller


Need more info?

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The Original LED
since 2005

Photon Therapy Systems were founded in 2005,  focused on providing leading edge light therapy solutions for healthcare professionals and end users.

Photizo® Light Therapy is the product of revolutionary thinking and was born out of a need for non-invasive, natural wound-care of diabetic patients. However, numerous studies found that light therapy is hugely successful in treating many other conditions which result from compromised cell functioning. This led the team to expand its product range to cover rehabilitation therapy, beauty therapy, clinical care and treatment of animals. The Photizo Vetcare is the first LED light therapy device for home care use, and  with thousands of satisfied customers.

CTS are proud European importer and authorized distributor of the brand Photizo Light.

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