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Practitioners & Professionals


Since 2002 have we been supporting business owners, professionals and practitioners all over the world with effective and unique products in the beauty, wellness, and health industry. Since 2012 we have had the opportunity to work with the fastest growing trend in the industry, Photobiomodulation therapy.    

If your company is involved in health and wellness (be it Medical, Retail, or Supply, you can now offer your clients all the benefits of the latest in red & near-infrared technology, with high density products.

Cabal Therapy systems specialize in the manufacturing  and importing  the latest red and near​-infrared light therapy units for home and professional use. 

The practitioner agreement is a program for you as professionals, who want to provide an effective and non-invasive treatment without side effects. 

You will also have an opportunity to join our team of specialists and receive leads from customers who are in search of practitioners who provide PhotoBioModulation therapy treatments with our products.


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